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QCad is 2D only - so you canít extrude into a 3D body.

TBH, I havenít used QCad much since I started using FreeCAD when I needed something to design things for my 3D printer.
Although itís primarily a drafting package, I find itís easy to get 2D dimensioned drawings out of it once youíve modeled your object.
Itís got a bunch of different ďworkbenchesĒ for doing different things. Iíve mainly used the part design and assembly ones, but found the sheetmetal one is very useful too.
Iíve also used the techdraw workbench to get 2D dimensioned drawings.
Ive also found that if you start out doing the drawings in a parametric way then itís really easy to change if you need another part similar, change all the corner radii etc.
Not saying you canít do those things in QCAD - I just find itís easier in FreeCAD.

Hi Steve, Guys,

I had forgotten that "Freecad" is the open source equivalent of Fusion360 ! The different workbenches help with partitioning your work into groups.

Anyway here are the links for both Qcad and Fusion.