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    Default The History of Waldown

    So, Waldown has had my attention of late... Here's what I can find on the history of Waldown thus far:

    This is after about 20 drafts and going through numerous catalogues and PDFs. I am hoping to collate all of the pics/specs that can be found online and in catalogues into one spot to make identifying and dating drills, grinders and the like easier. I will have to re-jig the article once it gets too many more drill specs there - probably with some click-to-expand sections so that people can look at just what they care about.

    I have a reasonable number of pics not yet included - including a bunch of grinders - but would welcome any information and scans of brochures/catalogues/etc. that are not shown above.

    I did like finding out a bit about Walt Down, it's interesting how much you can find when you go digging.

    There's not much on Brobo in there yet - still trying to get through what I have on the Waldown stuff.

    Any info (or corrections!) welcomed. I don't have any McPhersons catalogues from the 60s, so there's going to be a bit of a gap there. Anyone got any Waldown owner's manuals that aren't shown above?

    Oh, and while I think of it - when did the transition to yellow belt guards start, and why? OH&S regs in Victoria/Oz?

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    Updated the article with more info and some neat new pictures showing accessories for the drills in the 50s - a coolant drip pot, tool tray and the like - and there's a nicely drawn cutaway:

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