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    Default desiccant based air con

    I came across this youtube vid a short while ago. Not really machining based hence posting here but I found this to be quite interesting. Potential there for efficient workshop aircon as well. runs for about 30 minutes.


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    absorption refrigeration

    I used to look after a 700kWr and 2100kWr absorption chillers each using exhaust heat from gas engine driven generators...( ie Co-generation). The chillers cooled a closed water loop to around 7C which was then circulated to air handling units for airconditioning. The chillers used lithium bromide (absorption desiccant - very very good for shifting spanners) and distilled water, with an lithium chromate as a corrosive inhibitor, and operated at internal pressures of 29 inches of vacuum.

    ie you need waste heat or heat that is cheaper than what we have now...the infrastructure etc of solar heating to heat the desiccant is too darn expensive at this present time.

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