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    Default Wanting to get a hold of a Douglas shaper vice!

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has a vice for a Douglas shaper lying about that they don't want or need? My shaper is missing it's vice! Not really worried about rust, having been left out in the weather etc. and being somewhat scarce I can't be too fussy but would like a vice in good shape mechanically with minimal damage, ie. no chunks missing or broken castings. Willing to pay good $ if the vice is in really nice shape!

    Will also consider smallish milling vices in good shape!

    If you have anything please feel free to let me know



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    Hi Matthew, found one locally to me, $290 negotiable. I'm hoping to head to Sydney in a couple of weeks time, (I hope) so I can cart it over to you, if you're lucky to get this one. I say "I hope" as its been cancelled twice already, due to unforseen circumstances.
    If you're after a genuine Douglas, you'll have to join the end of the que, as there are a lot of others looking also.
    Would be interesting to know where all the vises go from shapers and mills that were sold?
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