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    Default Another Kitchen Pot Wheel Guard

    I read bollie7's post recently about repurposing an old kitchen pot as a wire wheel guard and I thought it was a good idea - I was wanting to make a guard for my recently completed T&C grinder but where can you get a 110mm pot most of the small pots I was finding at car boot sales were 120mm diam and larger. The next week while we were shopping for groceries at Coles there it was, possibly a fraction big (you'd think I could find a rule or tape measure in Coles) but it sure looked like it would do the job. With no way of measuring it but I took the chance - if it was too big I could always use it to to boil eggs in.

    At 115mm diam it is a fraction big but I can live with that, saves me trying to bend up and weld a guard my self which would not have looked half as nice as the pot.



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    Hi Familyguy,

    Thankyou for this post ! You have reminded me that I had forgotten to ask you about your TCG earlier. Then of course I went off on holiday and didn't.

    So yes please, post some pictures of yours. I'm always up for looking at other peoples work and borrowing ideas. At the moment I'm in the very basic stages of my build and discovering the limitations of the equipment that I have.
    Best Regards:

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    Very flash

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    Apologies for the Pictures Request - clicked the wrong icon and can't see how to get rid of it. Nice guard.


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