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    Default WW1 Aero engines

    A Fixed crankshaft and the cylinders rotate... they used castor oil..hence Castrol.

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    Hi Guys,

    Those Ward lathes did sterling work in both wars ! The women that used and operated them deserve medals. Unfortunately very few got any recognition for the work they did. Its only very recently that the WW2 land girls got any recognition for the work that they did keeping Britain fed.
    Best Regards:
    Baron J.

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    Great video good find.

    Just shows who were a really big part of the backbone behind the services during WWI and WWII and mostly unrecognised for the amazing work they did.

    Mother Australian Women's Army Service (AWAS), her sister Australian Women's Land Army (AWLA), 2 other Aunties AWLA Mother-in-law repaired barrage balloons in UK.

    Cheers - Neil
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