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    Default Other uses for Valve ResurfacerAny Other Uses for Valve Resurfacer??

    A Warren and Brown valve resurfacer currently for sale on net for excess of $1k. (link below)

    I have had one these on my shelf for around 30 years. Apart from it's obvious function, and the possibility of grinding punches or the like as posted on a number of forums, has anyone used or modified one of these machines for any other useful repeatable function??

    I have put off servicing or discarding the thing in the hope of some revelation. Perhaps it's a cleanup and service and send off to a good home where someone might love and use it.


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    You can modify them to sharpen various types of disc cutter blades, e.g. Olfa rotary cutters, also regrinding tube/ pipe cutter wheels, although if you already have a T&C grinder, it would not be viable.
    and in my opinion there is not a snowballs chance in hell it will bring $1000

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