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    Default Vintage Bandsaw - Bronze Bushing Bearing Replacement

    Hi, I've posted the beginning of a bandsaw restoration here:

    I need to replace what I think a Forum member has identified as a sintered bronze bearing?

    20201109_171049_resized.jpg 20201109_171112_resized.jpg

    I Googled this and found something similar per below. Can anyone recommend someone in Brisbane who is able to supply something like or a machining shop that can replace it for me? Also what pricing could I expect?


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    You might be lucky enough with the sizing to get a bush off the shelf at a bearing supplier, but likely will still need to bore or ream it to final size for the shaft after its fitted. If it was really close to the right size after fitting then its possible to remove a small amount from the bore using a scraper fashioned from a small triangular file, but its more of a "no other choice so I'll chew it to death gradually" option.

    You will likely find the shaft is worn too, so depends how far you want to go with fixing it as to what you do. If its only slightly worn then it can probably just be cleaned up a bit, but if there's significant wear it probably needs to be turned undersize or replaced.
    Don't buy a bush without evaluating the shaft first or you'll likely end up with a bush that needs a smaller bore!

    I just turned up a standard bronze bush (not sintered) for my Thiel bandsaw. Added the oil grooves like yours has.

    Any machine shop could do the job, but may not be cheap depending on whether or not they want the job.
    Your best bet might be a local friendly member on here that is happy to do it for a chat and liquid payment


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    Hi Charlie, when you take the wheel for the bushing, take the shaft as well. They should be able to tell you if the shaft requires attention or not.
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