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    Default Jig Borer Restoration

    As shown a while back I purchased of Bob Ward a nice little Jig Borer, finally I have begun the restoration process. I have stripped it down all but the quil/headstock atm need an assistant for that one Eric my neighbour is busy for a few days but keen to lend a hand. He is an ex-BHP Wollongong engineer and QLD Rail.

    So far other than the mods done by owner Bob bought it off (the drive pulley and motor mount) lots of grease, oil, grime and tiny area's of surface rust in areas not effecting work surfaces (between the cross slide tables)

    All parts need a good degrease in what I am not sure as yet wish I had a parts washer.

    Glad I decided to go this track and not just a wipe over with Mr Sheen I found machine screws loose below deck which were not accessible unless rotary table and cross slide were removed.
    Unfortunately I'll loose the only company name a Decal on the side I gather the reseller from New Zealand.

    Progress will be slow but through. I've received from Tony from the material he had on the BCA not cheap considering exchange rates, nor does it give much information or parts listing or user info. Still better than nothing.

    I'm considering locating, manufacturing a pulley idler mount and re fitting the motor to its original location, but with a new motor. Having had smoke and having loose wires dangling from the current one is a bit of a worry.
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