Hi everyone, I'm new here but was encouraged to share some pictures of a museum at which I volunteer. The site is in Kinzer PA (between Philadelphia and Lancaster in Pennsylvania, USA) and is the Rough & Tumble Engineers Historical Association. It's a great collection of mainly agricultural machinery and engines, steam, coal, a blacksmith, threshing, a sawmill, shingle mill, line shaft machine shop, etc. I know most of the members here are Down Under, but if you're ever in this neck of the woods, we'd love to show you around.


We all strive to have WORKING machinery and actually use it on demo days making useful things (not just chips). It's been a pleasure learning at the proverbial knees of some really really smart and experienced people.

Brown & Sharpe #2 horizontal mill circa 1912 I believe (we have the vertical head for it too), and a small Buffalo drill press

View through the shop from one end:

Brown & Sharpe automatic screw machine which was literally pulled out of a scrap yard by one of the founding members of the shop in West Chester PA - we use this on operating days for visitors to make their own souvenirs (machinists' jack this year and last, a brass whistle, etc.)

Three Reed (I believe they're all Reed's) in about descending vintage from newest to oldest:

A Champion Blower & Forge drill press built about 10mi away in Lancaster PA:

Another old treadle-powered Reed. This machine was rebuilt by a local boy for his Boy Scout Eagle project. Behind it is a Bullard vertical boring mill that we are the 2nd owner of - it's in the process of being rebuilt.

Horizontal boring machine (being put back together)

Tolman shaper (I believe this one was a Boy Scout project too, but might be wrong)

Monster Whitcomb & Blaisdell shaper

View from opposite end of the shop showing the overhead works: