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    Default Anyone seen Fight Club? (Explained in the thread, even if you haven't)

    I recently joined the wood working forum, and this is a slightly more metal-friendly version of what I hope to be, an amusing intro.

    The first rule in dealing with me is:

    You do not take me seriously.

    The second rule of dealing with me is:

    You do not take me seriously.

    (If in doubt, see rules 1 & 2, which is obviously a somewhat mangled or "freely adapted" quote from Fight Club)

    That, my dear fellow spark & swarf makers, is the best advice I gave my long-term better half when we first met. A guy with a manual, who'd have thought it, right? Not only have I avoided many potential conflicts when I inevitably say something tension-inducing (we've all been there).... Since she knows I'm not being mean spirited, just commenting on and/or embracing the insanity of life... whenever my jokes fall flat on their oft-unappreciated faces, I still get genuine laughter either way. Perhaps it was the fact that I met my better half at the Archery club, and didn't want to be shot down... or just plain shot... that initially inspired this helpful guide.

    Don't worry, I'm actually quite polite... just irreverent in a harmless fun-loving, lightly mock your best friends because it's the Aussie tradition kind of way.

    Greetings all, my name is Hamish, I almost feel like I should falsely say "and I'm an alcoholic" for some much needed levity in this day and age... some call me Harmo... for reasons too boring to mention here, others simply call me Ham. I'm happy with any of the above.

    I'm just a self-taught hobbyist maker/DIY renovation (or demolition) guy with many, many other interests and hobbies. So feel free to chat. Oh, and I've also done some rather in-depth product testing/reviews for a variety of tools, which seem to be well received online... although those tools were more for wood working than metal working.

    I've been doing wood working more seriously for about 7 years now... and I started dabbling in metal working about 5 years ago as part of a logical progression. Most of my metal working projects so far, have been trolleys for my band saw and drill press, garden/fencing framework items, some custom DIY cabinet hardware and some home made cleaning tools.

    Lately, with all the labour shortages and tradesmen engaging in wanton price gouging...the supreme matriarch of the household had me build a metal frame to support the stone bench top and house the washer/dryer combo in our laundry.. and it turned out pretty well despite the tight tolerances and lack of welding experience.

    Here's the frame that just fit in the space it needed to. <Cue relief here>


    Here's a "closer to finished" view, showing all the key parts. Still need to install that door on the left under the sink... )

    I am by no means an expert metal worker, I've had very little machinist experience.. but I've hammered sheet metal into shape, I've stick/MIG welded, riveted, bolted and screwed my projects together, but I'm by no means a master of any. I use whatever joinery techniques gets the job done, and often use scrap for a variety of weird and wonderful purposes. Ultimately, I'm just a dabbler with an ever-so-slight penchant for over-engineering things. Hope to learn and share what I've learned.

    Hope we can all get along!
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    Welcome to the forum Ham.

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    Hi harmo
    Welcome to the MetalWorking Forum.
    You will find that there are plenty of members here, who have your same interests.

    We have great bunch here very helpful and supportive of one another. You will find many like minded folk here with same interests as you.

    If you explore our pages you will find bits and pieces of interesting things all over the place.

    Go to the FORUM box at top LH corner and click on it.

    A drop down menu appears and you can select Forum Home at the top of the drop down menu list. Scan down through the pages to look at what we have.

    Please make sure read the Terms of Use -our Rules - at the top of the scroll down page- pretty standard for many forums these days.By joining the forum its automatic that they apply to you as a member.

    Sometimes the soft ware works so you can't post pics or links until 10 posts are made ( or such links and pics are cleared by a mod)

    Its anti spam thing.



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    Hello and welcome. Nice job on that frame, looks good

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