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    Long time ghost member here. As an IT teacher (25 years), I enjoy collecting and restoring hand tools to get away from the digital world. I even occasionally make something for my workshop (an overcrowded garage). Whilst I own a metal lathe (see pic below), Ive never had it operational. I bought it with the power cable cut off. I was told it works but havent been game enough to repair and use it. Hopefully some members who have experience with lathe restoration will be able to help. I have found very little information about Brackenbury & Austin and even less about the New Gregco lathe.



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    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for introducing yourself. There are lots of lathe orientated people in our membership who will help you if they can.
    Best place to post about lathes that don't have their own dedicated forum is in Metalwork general.

    If you hadn't a looksee around the forums here's what to do:

    To navigate our Forums click on the FORUM box at the LH top of the page.

    A drop down menu will appear and click on FORUM HOME which will give you a scroll down page with all of our various sub forums and other helpful things on them.

    Our forum rules, the TOU's are on top and the rest is the sub Forums and help pages that make up our forum package.Please make sure to read through them.

    Anything else you need to know,please PM me and I will help If I possibly can.


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    Welcome to posting.

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