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    Default Hello from Europe

    hello from Europe
    i am a hobby enthusiast, amateur machinist welder, i havea small workshop, with few machines , lathe, mill,welders, , here and there i make some youtube videos (link on my channel: - feel free to comment, subscribe etc. read forums, always try to learn something new, in metalworking, CAD modeling ....
    I read this forum for a long time, and now decided to register.

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    Hi Kolbroshop,

    Welcome to our Metalwork Forums.

    You have joined an amazing bunch of people. They are clever,skillful and collectively have an huge amount of knowledge that they share willingly.

    There are welders , lathe owners and machining enthusiasts here and willing to help with their their input and experience.

    In turn we encourage you to engage with the blokes and help with advice or experience when and where you can.

    To navigate our Forums click on the FORUM box at the LH top of the page.

    A drop down menu will appear and click on FORUM HOME which will give you a scroll down page with all of our various sub forums and other helpful things.

    Our forum rules, the TOU's are on the very top and the rest is the sub Forums and help pages that make up our forum package.Please make sure to read through them.

    Some sub forum pages have stickies at the top. They contain information on what can be posted in those various sub forums.

    We have a section for Videos that our members create, as well. The link box is next to the Forum box at the L hand Top of the page.

    Anything else you need to know, please PM me and I will help if I possibly can.


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    Nice to meet another Emco super 11 owner. Iíll take a look at you videos over the weekend!

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    Welcome to the forum.

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