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    Default Hello from the wild west.

    I'm Russ from Perth and going by the user name Oddbod1, you may come to the conclusion that it probably defines me.

    Not sure exactly why I am here other than to say I have several machinery items I have either acquired or made and recently I scored a Metalfast bandsaw that I was hoping to find information on and know if there are any modifications that can be done to the unit, particularly the blade guide that may provide better directional blade control...

    Besides the bandsaw, I own a baby Hercus old style lathe, a homemade bead roller using a VFD controller and I am currently attempting to build a tube bender with mandrel option capable of handling 50mm x 3mm wall.
    If successful, I will explore bending exhaust type tube upto 65mm.

    Once the bender is done or I surrender, I plan to have a go at building a slotter, possibly run via a power take off from my bead roller. Pie in the sky for now, but once I set my mind to something, I generally give it a good go.

    I like making stuff that I dont really need and doing it from next to nothing or on a budget...
    I hope I can contribute more here than I take away and enjoy what others have to say and show.
    If anybody needs a 2nd opinion or a thought out of left field, give me a call.

    More later.

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    Gday Oddbod1

    Welcome to our MetalWork forums.

    You will find that there are plenty of members who have your same interests.

    We have great bunch here very helpful and supportive of one another. You will find many like minded folk here with same interests as you.

    If you explore our pages you will find bits and pieces of interesting things all over the place.

    Go to the FORUM box at top LH corner and click on it.

    A drop down menu appears and you can select Forum Home at the top of the drop down menu list. Scan down through the pages to look at what we have.

    Please make sure read the Terms of Use -our Rules - at the top of the scroll down page- pretty standard for many forums these days.By joining the forum its automatic that they apply to you as a member.

    Sometimes the soft ware works so you can't post pics or links until 10 posts are made ( or such links and pics are cleared by a mod)

    Its anti spam thing.

    There's a number of sub forums forum that might be parallel with your interest found as described above.

    You might consider narrowing down the location to the suburb you are in. Its possible to have another member living in the next suburb over and opportunities to borrow a tool or get some help are greatly improved.

    If any questions contact me via PM and I'll try to help you.


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    Welcome to the forum Russ.


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    Revesby - Sydney Australia


    Hi Russ.

    Do you have any photos of the bead roller?

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    Mackay North Qld


    Hi Oddbod

    Please place any photos and future general conversations in MetalWork general please.

    The soft ware might kick in and ( might ) moderate them as you are under the first 10 posts.
    If this is so, I can approve (moderation) the post and then you should be OK.

    I ask that they go in the MetalWork General Forums as it is easy to look there as it a busy forum.

    This forum is to say gidday and introduce yourself. Once you have questions to ask or answer they need to go in the appropriate forums.

    If any problems please PM me.



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