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    Cool Gidday From Adelaide (5109)

    Hi All,
    2nd post, have been looking over the forum at lathe info, sucking it all in.

    I have had a HQ500 Lathe/Mill multipurpose machine for about 18 years now, didn't use the mill part very often as it was a little inconvenient to setup, after a couple of years I thought to myself that I should have bought a lathe only machine, I have turned a quite a lot over the years for various projects and a few weeks ago came against a restriction, 125mm chuck didn't like 60mm dia stock being screwed into it.

    This started the search for a replacement lathe, most on here would appreciate the dilemma involved in that decision, AL-336D-AL346V-AL356V-AL960B-AL1000C-SM1340-TW1440-and so on, this was starting to play on my mind that I was incompetent of making a decision, after visiting a couple of places to try and touch a new machine, none of the models (except AL336D) were available (drats again).

    Meanwhile I advertised my current HQ500, it sold in 10 mins, so the search was intensified.

    So after drilling through a spreadsheet I created to sort the data of various models, I had a eureka moment and ordered an AL-346V, this by the way was my first choice 2 weeks prior!!

    I received a reply email stating there were no stocks in Australia (double drats), more decisions, then went upscale and ordered the AL356V, will pay for it over the weekend.

    Meanwhile I'm reorganizing my garage to accommodate the new behemoth (compared to HQ500) due next week or the week after.

    I also have a little Sieg X3 Mill that I am currently fitting the DRO system to, display is mounted and wired, just need some time to think about the scale mounting.

    I have always had a fascination of 'making something', starts with 'what do I want it to do or look like', now what have I got to make it with, oh wait, change design midstream ....... no-one ever does that in home machining.

    My latest project is an Az/El rotator system for tracking satellites.

    Cheers for now

    Peter (Salisbury area SA)IMG_1682.jpg

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    G'day Peter
    Welcome to a great forum. There are a few of us scattered around Adelaide (and SA too) with a variety of machines, so if you need help with something there is likely someone who can assist nearby.


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    Hi manx
    Welcome to our MetalWork Forum,

    Thank You for making the effort to introduce yourself. Its something we are seeing less as time goes on.
    For sure you are in the best place to seek assistance and advice on buying a new lathe.

    A lathe in a hobbyist workshop with a 60mm plus bore would be unusual. .The key is to ask lots of questions.

    There is a sticky above the general Metal Working page that can be read to give you an idea.

    Sticky: New? Asking a Question - Read This

    Feel free to explore our sub forums for all of what we have to offer. Go to the FORUM box in the LH corner,the one with the little white down arrow and click.
    Click again on Forum Home and it will take to the page where all our sub forums and other helpful links are.

    Again welcome to a great forum


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    Giday Peter,
    welcome to the forum.
    Good luck with your search for a lathe, if haven't ordered a lathe yet and you're needing to have a look at an AL-960B give me a yell.


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    Default Thanks Creedy

    Many thanks Creedy, I was impatient , ordered an AL-356V

    I placed all the print outs of all the different models and asked my other half Wendy to pick one, the AL-356V is the one she picked "I like the look of this one", it just so happens that was all I required to push me over the edge on my selection (it was my favorite anyway).

    Should arrive late this week , Melbourne Cup prevented 2 days of my purchase being dispatched


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    Welcome to the forum Peter.

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