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Thread: Newbie

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    Oct 2019
    Perth Western Australia

    Default Newbie

    Hi All,
    Finally registered after years of prowling the wealth of knowledge on this forum....

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    Jan 2004
    Mackay North Qld


    Hi XR750,
    Welcome to the Metal Work Forums.

    To get you up and running here is some helpful information which will enable you to move around the different forums for a bit of a look.

    Here's a few things to help you.

    *Some house keeping stuff first:*
    If you click on this link: > *Metalwork Forums Terms of Use (TOU) Please Read (http:////* < you will find our Terms of Use - if you haven't already read it, please do as it will help you to understand our rules these forums.

    Also have a look at this > *CLICK HERE (http://// *< as it's a guide for new members on how write questions when they need help with a project or technique etc. Using the guide will help make it easier for yourself and the members who may be trying to answer your question.

    To navigate your way around the forum. Go to the Box marked "Forum" in the top left corner and select from the dropdowns, metalwork forums to see a list of what subjects covered in our sub-forums.

    You will find the members s knowledgeable and experienced and willing to make an effort to help you. There is something here for everyone.

    Again, welcome to Metalwork Forums.


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    Sep 2019
    Newcastle, AU


    Welcome from another newbie.

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    May 2013
    Rockhampton, QLD


    Welcome to the forum.

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