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    Default DIY air-conditioning hoses

    A bit of a long shot here. But has anyone made their own air conditioning hose assemblies?

    Have some machinery here that looks like one hose may have the tiniest leak at the crimped on end (the system does leak down over 12 months) and may need to be replaced.

    I found getting hoses made up at a shop is like hydraulic hoses. Obscenely expensive and I see there are options for DIY, just like hydraulic hoses.

    I would be putting hychill in it as a replacement if I replace the hose.

    Of course I would not consider just getting a can of air duster and putting that in the system as an interim measure, as that would be illegal to put the R134A in the can of air duster that is designed to be sprayed into the atmosphere into a closed air con system with a very slow leak.
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    You can buy crimping kits but for a one off you as well have it done by a air con shop

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    Hi RC, you might have trouble getting the AC fittings, I looked on EBay to no avail, so it might be a trip to the AC $ specialist, UNFORTUNATELY.
    You'd also need access to a proper crimping tool, unfortunately hose clamps won't do the job properly.
    Looked on youtube, and it seems that in the states you could do it, but not here.
    If the hoses were OK you could TIG weld the fitting and tube to a tube fitting.
    Have had to do this on an standard/imported motor conversion once, the aircon pump was different.
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    A quick search did reveal this site.
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