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    Many years ago there was a troll on a forum I contributed to so I started to wind him up and generally tried to annoy him. He sent me a PM which was particularly obnoxious and I posted it word for word, he never made another post which I thought was a good result. I would do it again if the same thing happened, I could have engaged him in a war of words via PM's but I found direct action worked better.

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    I have stopped responding back to this topic but I will leave a few final comments.

    I think of forums as a way to share our knowledge and experience and learn from others with hopes they share their knowledge and experience.

    The intention to go online to prove we know what we are talking about in the online world full of keyboard warriors, who even has the time for that, unfortunately some do.

    I seek guidance often at times on things which is why I find forums useful compared to Facebook or Reddit where people simply come over to show-off.

    This forum (and many other forums alike) is a valuable resource with information we may pass onto our newer generation of machinists and metal workers.

    I still remember the first time I saw a Hercus 0 mill on sale at machines4u and it seemed like a pretty decent size mill that I could probably bench mount and appeared to be well made. I started lurking on the forum back then with an intention to see what current members thought about it and this was knowledge well worth its weight in gold. I never got a chance to ever see one in real life but through this forum and the various old posts and photos shared by members, I felt I literally had the mill sitting on my bench and was playing with ideas in my mind. On the same topic, there was someone that had a couple of videos on the Hercus 0 where they showed how to clean some dirt off the spindle and then in another video decided to power feed the X & Y axis beyond which these videos gave me no impression on what it actually felt to own the mill and soon after the owner sold the mill for something bigger (and my gut feeling is there were not enough clicks on the video, youtube is a business for some).

    Gentlemen let's keep it clean

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Parks View Post
    Many years ago there was a troll on a forum I contributed to so I started to wind him up and generally tried to annoy him. He sent me a PM which was particularly obnoxious and I posted it word for word, he never made another post which I thought was a good result. I would do it again if the same thing happened, I could have engaged him in a war of words via PM's but I found direct action worked better.
    I was a Moderator then Administrator on the Aussie Toyota Surf Forum for a lot of years. When we had problem members there, I and other Mods/Admins tended to stay out of the conversation unless it was absolutely necessary to step in, and the members there (who were mostly very good) tended to sort out the troublemakers. I had very little to do most of the time regarding moderation and concentrated on the technical advice needed, rather than spend time with the idiots. This allowed newer members the ability to sort out the bad advice from the good.

    Unfortunately the Surf Forum disappeared of the net a couple of years ago and I was unable to contact the owner to find out what happened.

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    I made it a personal rule not to respond to any posts by the OP, knowing who he was. However, he has made several claims that don't hold up so in the interests of those who come later, a couple of counter points. This is not just me but comes from several engineers I've worked with, with (collectively) decades of experience in a variety of electronics assemblies, including some that they are not allowed to talk about.

    • 'Copper hardens when cooled slowly'. Never heard of that one. There are a variety of grades of copper. Some work harden and some may be heat treatable but I've never encountered them. I have TIG welded copper and it air cooled and stayed soft. One thing we do try to do with copper wire is support it so that it can not flex as it will work harden and go brittle (remember how you repetitively flex wire to break it? work hardening). If you have ever seen a control panel where they have laced the wires or used cable ties every 40mm or so to hold the wires to a support, that is why.
    • Quenching copper after heating does leave it in an annealed state (but as above, so does air cooling). I would be hesitant to do that to wire as water may wick into the wire. We spend a lot of time sealing wire harnesses with heat shrink and other things to keep moisture out. Why would it be a good thing to purposely introduce something that may degrade the wire?
    • Flux can be corrosive. With the high reliability circuit boards we make, they are washed afterwards. Flux on wires can be the same. The old Baker's soldering solution is really corrosive some of the newer fluxes used in electronics not so much.
    • Soldering multi-strand wire can be a bit iffy. The solder will wick up between the wires so that the flexibility of the wires is lost. This is not such an issue for applications where the assembly is stationary but where vibration is an issue, can break due to fatigue. The problem is where the wire goes to flexible from stiff. There are standards that are applied that restrict the distance the solder is allowed to wick up.
    • Solder itself is not good or bad. I've seen solder used on space going hardware and seen crimp connectors in automotive applications. Crimps are favoured for ease of assembly. With some military hardware the wires are soldered into the back of connectors and with others they are crimped. It depends on the designer and (importantly) what has survived testing. There should be no need to solder after crimping or solder before crimping.
    • Soldering is (like welding) not a simple thing. Our electronics assembly operators are certified and go on training courses to learn the correct way of soldering. Just like how most people can point a MIG torch and produce something that looks like a weld, most people can produce a solder joint. How reliable and good it is is another matter...
    • Crimping tools are not necessarily expensive. They can be, but for typical 'you and me' type projects you don't need an aircraft certified crimper. I worked at one place that used to test the crimps that resulted from various crimping pliers (there was a standard and the pliers could not be sold for crimping particular sizes of wire unless they passed) - these were for sale to average sparkies. You get what you pay for of course and as soon as you start going up in conductor size, the price leaps. If I had to remake a vehicle harness, I'd spend the money to get it right. I should not be surprised but some of the same people who complain about the cost of basic tools will not hesitiate to blow their money on fuel to go for a drive, beer, lottery tickets etc and a week later they have nothing to show for it. It's a personal choice thing but if you need the tools, you need the tools.

    This is just off the top of my head, so I may have some detail wrong, but it should be basically right.

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