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Thread: Clear coat.

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    Default Clear coat.

    I've clear coated most of the polished aluminium, smaller bits, just have the wheels to finish. Unfortunately, the clear coat dulls the shine quite a bit. Funny stuff to spray on polished aluminium: I had to spray a very light coat first, give it a few minutes then hit it again with a heavier coat so the paint would pool and flatten out. Still a bit of orange peel though, particularly on the triangular engine mount. The clear coat doesn't behave the same over painted surfaces, just polished aluminium, very disappointed in the finish. I may not clear coat the wheels as they'd be hard to get the clear to pool, there's a very fine line between pooling and a run. Float coating seems to just run and build up on the edges. I'm also thinking of painting the side covers black, they just didn't come up to scratch.
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    Looks fine to me.
    Hope they stay that way for a while.

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    I'm not sure that you will ever match the shine of polished Aluminium with any clear coat straight off the gun. I suspect that further polishing of the clear may be required.
    I also wonder, when looking at the triangular engine mount, if there may not be some polish residue that is reacting with the clear coat.

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