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    Default Mk2 hose divider.

    Mk2 divider looks a lot better, although, unlikely to please OCD sufferers, me included! The lower hose connects behind the divider along with the switch, the upper hose connects to the side, but the connections are less noticeable on Mk2.

    The unit was mounted in the four jaw to effect the rounded ends. The rounded front was done by chamfering the square edges at 45 degrees, then rounding the four edges on a belt grinder, then smoothed over with a nylon fibre wheel before being polished - very carefully! A rotary table or CNC could have done a better job, but as I don't have either, the belt grinder sufficed. Probably a few other ways of doing it, but I'm happy with the outcome and that's all that matters.

    The unit is bored 3.2 mm for the length of the divider, 130mm, so had to be drilled from either end, one end being blanked off by drilling and tapping M6 then blanked off with a threaded plug and copper washer.
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