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    Default Linssed oil, Penetrol, Ankor wax on old paint

    I have a 1941 Chev truck in original farm worn paint. I drove this truck as a child and now it is mine. I am getting rid of a few small bits of rust and some of the dents so I can turn it into an occasional driver.

    I want something to slow the aging process and would like to here from anyone who has used Linseed oil, Penetrol, Ankor wax, beeswax or some other process. I am not keen on a repaint as the truck has a lot of childhood memories.

    Thanks Steve

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    Default Linssed oil, Penetrol, Ankor wax on old paint

    Penetrol is one of my favorite products. Definitely penetrates well and seals up rust etc.
    It does give a bit of a varnished look with a slightly brown tinge to what you put it on though, so you need to be ok with that.

    Iíve used it on larger surfaces like filing cabinets that have started to get a bit of general rust spotting and itís worked really well.
    I havenít used it by itself on anything outside that is exposed to sunlight and rain etc so canít comment on how it goes with that.


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    I can't vouch for the process although I watched a tv show a long time, same thing, they wanted to preserve the old look, they cleaned the dirt off and clear coated the body then rubbed it down just to remove the shine.

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