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Thread: cam bearing

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    Default cam bearing

    I bought a new cam bearing for the jeep engine , the original front bearing is a babbit type , well, the new bearing is dura bond brand . The new bearing surface is somewhat rough, under the loupe I can see what looks like a lathe turning finish. The manufacturer claims its been burnished , this increases surface hardness. I can push a .005" feeler gauge between the cam journal and bearing , the bearing might compress a bit after I install it but that is right on the limit of tolerance , the manual says max. Is .006"clearance. Dura bond is a US manufacturer , they use their own technology .

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    Is it a split shell type bearing, or just a circular one-piece type?

    If its split shell check the clearance using Plastigage when its all assembled and torqued up.
    If its a one-piece then fit it and measure. If you don't want to fit in case it precludes you from returning it for a credit - then perhaps measure the outside diameter compared to the bore it goes in to see roughly how much its going to shrink the bearing bore itself.


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    Default one

    Its a one piece shell

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    how much interference does the bearing have in the bore? On a thin wall bearing the bore will crush down by the interference amount, i bet once it is fitted it will have the right amount of clearance. at a stab i would say the minimum clearance is 2thou?

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