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Thread: valve seats

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    Default valve seats

    I thought I had repaired the poorly made Indian seat cutters but on closer inspection, they still had a nasty runout problem. I tried another method, I used a 4 jaw chuck and turned up a 30 degree seat for the 30 degree cutter , the cutter sits in the seat in the 4 jaw chuck and I then bore the cutter centre out , so in theory the 30 degree face will be concentric with the bore . Another problem was the arbor and the pilot were not concentric either ! gee these damn cheap rubbish tools . I decided to bore the end of the arbor and press the pilot in, then turn the whole thing between centres, this method worked ! Hopefully I now have a concentric setup , the cutter will be a press fit onto the arbor , this should last long enough for my one off job
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    gee these damn cheap rubbish tools .
    Some you win, some you lose.


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