Some BASIC rules for posting in this forum

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FULL RULES for Market Place > CLICK HERE <

This forum is a place to inform members and others about metalworking ads on eBay, Gumtree and other off forum sites for metalworking machinery and tools, etc.

1. No regular sales are permitted in this forum.

2. This forum is purely for directing members and visitors to eBay items.

3. The items listed here can be your items or an item you think other members and visitors may be interested in.

4. Items listed on eBay
can be listed here whilst the eBay auction is running. This listing is purely to direct members and visitors to the eBay auction.

5 You cannot list the same item for sale in the general Market Place whilst the auction on another site is still current.

5. All the threads in this forum should will be closed by the poster upon posting as they are here to direct people to eBay, etc and not for general discussion.

6. You may attach an image of item for sale.
If you don't know how see tutorial > HERE <.

7. You can put a full blurb in the post describing the item in detail if you wish. You must not display a sale price.

8. Items listed here can be moved to the general Market Place if the eBay auction is finished and the item didn't sell. This can be done by reporting the post via the on the bar at the bottom of the post, and asking for it to be either moved to another forum in the Market Place or deleted. As part of the move the asking price can be added to the post.