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Thread: Aluminium Gears

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    Default Aluminium Gears

    So that's where those non genuine diff gears came from.

    Actually it says he did it to demonstrate his casting skills.
    Pretty impressive for a very basic setup.

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    Love the actual pour where he's holding the flask down with his foot and pouring the molten aluminium towards it.
    What could possibly go wrong with that


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    That's the Mahindra factory.

    I've seen a heap of videos of this guy doing his thing over the past few weeks. Lots of interesting things about what he does- apart from the fact that he works with his knees in his armpits all day, then when he leaps up to do his little dance to ram the flask somehow he doesn't lose consciousness. And he still seems to have all his toes, which is just as well as he doesn't seem to have anything else to use to weight his flasks.
    His little pile of sand appears to use a sawdust binder or similar, when he shakes out the flask he re-uses the resulting charcoal for his furnace. He has some interesting techniques for his sprues, there's one where he's making a motorcycle gearbox casing and he makes the ingate long and thin, then just snaps off the riser from the casting. Would save a bit of fettling if it worked.

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