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    Default VIC: Electric Forklift / reach truck

    I'm in a quandary...
    I bought an old electric reach truck that was being pensioned off at work, with the intention of grabbing any useful hydraulic bits and scrapping the rest to recover my costs.
    It was taken out of service as it has a cracked weld where the pole for the roof support joins the body. Being an older machine the decision was made to just lease a new one and it got parked up.
    I expected the battery to be stuffed but with a decent charge it seems to have come up OK. Its holding charge and the individual cells are similar voltages.
    Plugged it back into the machine and all works perfectly.

    Unfortunately the mast height in the lowered position is approx 3400mm - 200mm higher than my workshop door.

    Therein lies my dilemma. I have a working machine that I don't have a use for. I'd rather see it go to someone who has a use for it rather than me just scrap it.

    So if anyone is interested:
    BT Reach truck model RRB2
    Rated capacity 1600kg
    Weight without battery 2780kg
    Battery weight
    Battery 48v 528Ah
    Tynes in good condition
    2 stage mast
    Stanbury Engineering 3 phase solid state charger

    Its located in Tottenham (Melbourne western suburbs). You'd need to arrange your own freight to pick it up.

    Looking for $1000 ono
    If you're interested or need more info let me know.


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