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    Default 20A 3 phase plug

    I bought a motor today that had a cable and (3 phase) plug on it. As I'm going to be using this with a VFD, both of these are redundant to needs. The plug is a 20A 4 pin Clipsal item (older style), and the flex is a 4 core (3+earth), 2.5m long.
    The motor was out of a bakery so the white stuff you see in the photos is flour and oil/moisture. I was told that the equipment was 3 phase and converted to single via a motor change Probably come right off if you disassembled the parts and put them in the dishwasher. None of the pins look discoloured as if they have arc'd out.
    P1040670.JPG P1040671.JPG P1040672.JPG
    Any interest for $30 (plus postage if applicable)?

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    I will definitely take it, I will be back in Adelaide on Monday, probably get you post it.

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    Rather than socket, isn't it a plug?

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