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    Default BASIC Market Place rules PLEASE READ

    Some BASIC rules for posting in Market Place

    To read the FULL RULES for Market Place > CLICK HERE <

    1. Include a location in Title Box and the Message.
    • Your state can be added via Prefix in heading.
    • More detailed location info should be placed in the body of the post eg town or suburb.
    • Do not include full address or phone number in post as this could lead to spam or worse.

    2. Attach an image of item for sale. If you don't know how see tutorial > HERE <.
    • If you do not have the means to attach an Image, for example, do not own a camera, please say so, or you may be harassed by members requesting an image.

    3. Price must be included, add ONO (Or Nearest Offer) if price is negotiable. If you are not not sure of a price, add a ballpark figure
    • Please note: these items WILL be deleted: Auctions, PM/Email me an Offer and those without a price.

    4. Indicate delivery method:

    • Pick up only, will post, will organise freight, or other delivery methods, will deliver etc.

    5. Post SOLD in the thread when item is sold.
    • If no longer available or withdrawn from sale, please say so in a new post.

    6. Item listed on eBay Gumtree, Graysonline, etc must not be listed for sale on Metalwork Forums whilst the auction/sale is running on the external site.
    • However you are welcome to direct members to any external auction by placing a notice in the FOR SALE on eBay and external sites Forum.

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