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    Default Hercus 9 Model C identification

    Hi All,
    I've finally looked at a Hercus lathe that has been sitting in my garage for a number of years and was hoping the forum can help with identifying what I actually have. I can see on the Screw Threads and Power Feeds plate that is it a model C machine number 3589. I've also looked at the bed and tailstock and the serial on these shows as C9819. I've attached a couple of photos with the serial numbers.

    I've looked through the forum and it looks like the machine number 3589 would mean that is was made in 1951 and then the serial number of 9819 is 1965. Does that mean the lathe has been put together with parts or is it just the bed and tailstock number that show when the machine was manufactured?

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    Hi Richard

    I would be working from the bed number, I would say that the cover has been replaced at some time, if it was built in 1951 then the reverse tumbler would only have a locking bolt and not the spring loaded plunger among a few other small differences.

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    Default In the process of restoring a model c

    Hi Richard
    I have been working on restoring a model C for a couple of months now and just waiting for repaired gears and replacement parts to arrive. I see yours has a v belt and is an 8 speed, nice. Mine is a flat belt 6 speed.
    it seems slightly different
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