As previous reply by Bob Anorak.. about problems with lubrication regarding this mill. I decided to strip and start my restoration earlier than expected and im glad i did thanks to Mr.Bob.
This is what i noticed . As there is only one grease nipple on the top bearing cover. What about the bottom flange cover ? They both got the same bearing so which means we are lubricating only the top bearing What about the bottom bearing?
So i put another 1/4 grease nipple on the other cover . Drill through so the hole is in between the oil seal and before the bearing.
The real problem is this .. the original grease point on the bearing cover,the hole is on the recessed part of the cover and this is where the bearing flange sits..
So it blocked no matter how you pump grease. it doesnt get there.. so i drilled a 1/8 straight through again so it goes in between oil seal and the bearing.

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