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    Default Removing a stuck chuck from a 260?

    Hi all!

    Is the spindle thread on the 260 model a LH or RH thread?
    I'd like to remove the chuck but don't know which way to turn?
    Is there any way to lock the spindle?


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    The thread is right hand , no way is provided to lock the spindle.

    You can place it in back gear and you should be able to remove the chuck, you may need to place a piece of steel or timber through the chuck jaws to act as a lever to undo it.

    If the chuck has been on fora long time and it maybe jammed on, if so more questions will follow.

    After you have it off it is good practice to remove it straight after your finished your work if there's going to be considerable time between jobs.

    When putting it on have the lathe in back gear and screw the chuck almost all the way on, then the last half threadgive it a good spin to register it against the spindle, DONT hit it home.

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    Have a look here:

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    It's a right hand thread.
    Put the lathe in the lowest gear and stick a piece of bar sideways in the chuck jaws so one end is sticking way out and can be used as a lever, or grip a BIG Alan key in the chuck by the short end; or you could just leave the chuck key sticking out of one of the holes. Give it a tap with a soft faced mallet. If that doesn't work give it a good knock with a soft faced mallet. If it is still resisting; give it a belt, with a soft faced mallet.
    I don't have access to my copy of the Hercus "Textbook of Turning" but I'm pretty sure that was the official OEM recommended method.

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    Default Method

    Hi This method has worked for me. Use a chuck jaw as a wedge . If using this method , Its best not to hit anything, but instead use something that applies pressure to the stuck chuck evenly. You can remove the chuck from the back plate if you wish , if that is possible.
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    1. See here for a slightly different suggestion.

    The first lathe is pretty big, but see also post #39 on the second page.

    2. Another way, a bit hair-raising but I did it a couple of times on my 260, is to block the chuck so it can't move, and momentarily switch on in reverse, using a slow direct speed, no back gear. With a wooden block under a chuck jaw, there's no metal banging on metal.

    3. It's OK to lock the chuck to the spindle by engaging back gear and having the pin for the bull gear also engaged, then using the chuck key to unscrew the chuck. This I believe is normal practice, but the thing is to never be tempted to use anything but your hand to apply pressure to the chuck. If it doesn't come off, then it's time to use another more serious method such as above, never using the back gears method with more force than hand strength.

    4. Good idea to oil the spindle threads after cleaning them and the flat register face, before screwing on the chuck gently. Spinning the chuck on quickly and having the momentum of it to slam up against the flat face seems reasonable but is a beginner's error.

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    When I want to change out one of my chucks on my 260, I:

    turn the lathe off at the power point;

    engage the backgears, taking pin out of bull gear (locking the spindle);

    place a piece of long square timber into the chuck jaws;

    using arm strength only, turn the chuck off the spindle (always saying to myself: lefty loosies);

    place other chuck onto spindle;

    once the chuck is off and other chuck is on, disengage the backgears, pin back into bull gear, making sure the spindle is free to turn;

    power back to the lathe.

    Using this method you really have to remember to disengage the backgears before you start turning again.


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