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    Default CIG weldskill 250 MIG

    Hi all,
    I have a 250amp CIG mig as a welder at home, it was working fine yesterday, then today when i powered it up, the cdc6-32 contacttor? randomly clicked on and off numerous times. I Powered down unit, then upon repowering, the fan runs but that is it. the power light on front of unit is not illuminated and the service manual says blown Primary fuse. From what i can find the machine only has the 2 circuit breakers which both test ok.
    Has anyone had this issue and can point me in the right direction as to what the problem may be??
    i'm reasonably handy with electrionics, and have run through and tested everything i can think of but cant find anything that seems out of sorts.
    Any help to diagnose my issue would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers Dan

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    A stab in the dark.....tested the contractor coil? They can fail.

    I assume you have a schematic diagram for your machine?

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    Hi Dan 67

    Welcome the the MetalWork Forums
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    Lots of helpful folks here here and will welcome you and offer their input and experience.

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    Anything else you need to know,please PM me and I will help If I possibly can.


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    I can't help with that welder but I do see that the power light is connected to the control board. That might mean there is no power to the control board or the board has failed - something to check.

    Be aware that there is an unfortunate crop of the circuit diagram - the 40V shown at the bottom is actually 240V (mains).

    Good luck


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