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    Default For those posting questions in the welding forum

    I urge any poster to include as many details as possible about what he is attempting to achieve. We have folk here in our forums who will go out of their way quite a bit to help you.

    If you make the process difficult with lack of information you could have easily supplied first up, those responders will be less likely to help you if they have to pry answers one at a time from you.

    So often when people ask a question here, respondents to the question are left out in the dark, to play a post by post guessing game, that could have been well avoided by including a range of details pertinent. This takes time ,not everyone has a great deal of it.

    • Detail what you are trying to achieve,
    • Supply lengths widths depths diameters and material types
    • If there is a choice of processes that could be used ,specify which one
    •Welding machine brand,inverter or transformer
    •Settings amps /volts
    •Electrode brand type
    •Basically what you know,we need to know

    Don't take this post in the wrong way. Its about making the process of answering a posters question much easier if given some basic details to filter out a whole lot of unsuitable options.

    This process will get you to your desired outcome much quicker and make it easier for the good folk on the forum who had the courtesy to answer your question but will tire of it, if the process is made too difficult or frustrating for them.


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    Include pictures if possible.
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