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13th Oct 2021, 07:33 PM
Hi Guys,

I was unsure exactly where to post these photographs that I took yesterday ! Either here or in the "Show & Tell" forum. So since this post is all about knives I decided to post them here.

394342 394343
These two pictures are from sales catalogues of two of Sheffield’s finest knife makers. There were hundreds of pages there from dozens of now long gone knife and blade manufacturers. All the pages were laminated and chained together making it difficult to look at them all, so these are just a couple.

This is a few of the different styles of tableware that was made in Sheffield.

An interesting display of knives made by Joseph Mills at the "Perth" works in Sheffield.

394336 394338
This display cabinet showing various tools contained a very large penknife, which I found quite fascinating. The plaques on the rear wall give some explanations about the contents.

394340 394339
This display looks like something you would find on a Christmas tree. As the adjacent plaque says it is a knife made in the shape of a star representing the start of the year 2000. Made by "Stanley" tools to commemorate the start of the new millennia. It stands about 30 inches high and contains 2000 blades of different sizes and shapes.

All pictures taken courtesy of "Kelham Island Museum"

14th Oct 2021, 12:31 AM
Hi Guys,

Another related picture, this one of a "Knife Sharpeners bench !

Quite unusual in so much as the operator sits on the seat with the flat belt from the overhead line shaft driving the sharpening pulley wheel directly behind them between the sides of the bench. The belt driving the grinding stone can be seen and would have been between the operators legs. Ouch ! No guards, the seat is movable so I assume can be adjusted for comfort. The water trough is in front of the wheel. There is a selection of stones and buffs on the floor towards the front.

H&S would have had a field day with this contraption !!!

All pictures taken courtesy of "Kelham Island Museum"

27th Oct 2021, 04:40 AM
Very interesting display, thanks for posting.
I have my grand mothers best cutlery set and her craving set all bone handled Sheffield steel.:2tsup: