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KBs PensNmore
19th Feb 2019, 09:00 PM
Opened my emails tonight, to find an interesting article from Instructables on making a Knife Grinding Jig, fairly simple to make and use.
Knowing there are some knife makers on here, I thought it would be good to add a link to it.


Hope this helps Someone.

Grahame Collins
20th Feb 2019, 12:56 AM
Good on ya Kryn,

I thank you for the post-in the absence of those appropriate buttons that do not work.
I do appreciate your efforts and I am sure the other knife guys will do so as well. There seems to be so many ,many different jig designs out there as there are knifemakers.

A grinding jig I hope to make is a little similar in that it has a delrin base but will include dedicated handles. The intended use is to grind traditional pocket knife blades. I have shied away from the crude designs that used protruding threaded bolts for tilt adjustment as they will wear an unwanted track into the grinders work rest plate.

I have all the parts but to make a grinding jig but it will have to wait until I can sort my Multi Tool out.

The tracking cam lever U section U shape was worn but I built it up with stick but apparently not enough.In addition, the eccentric pivot hole and matching pivot spindle also have worn egg shaped. This assembly is worn and the squirrely belt tracking is driving me nuts. My MultiTool is so old it has UNC Imperial threads.

Perhaps we could encourage any of the blade makers who have them, to post pics of their grinding jigs?


20th Feb 2019, 10:49 AM
Kryn excelent timing being Queensland Knife Show has been on tgis weekend gone. I've got to make one up even if just for the kitchen knives.

Graham did you get to the show.?

Grahame Collins
20th Feb 2019, 11:18 AM
Hi wheelingaound,

No I did not get there, but a local knife maker acquaintance went down to it.

I have yet to speak with him to hear what the show was was like. This fellow is fairly new to knife making but made some very nice large chef knives.He cooks as a hobby and had always wanted to make a good dicing knives - the large wide bladed type. He ground them freehand and did a really good job. He sent them away to get heat treated.He did tell the stainless based alloy they were made from but I have forgotten what he said they were made from.

Its seems his immediate family members have expressed a desire to own similar knives.
And so it begins.


20th Feb 2019, 12:56 PM
Pity Grahame, Sue & went Saturday, we thought early 9.30 opening was at 9.00. :o there were guys leaving with boxes of goodies as we were heading in. Into a packed auditorium :B were it got more than cozy me in the chair let alone those squeezing through the isles to get a closer look at tables. To say the least it was an eye opener to an art form usable ones at that. Of course Wayne Schmit and another couple of Blacksmiths were on hand with true forms of smithing . Gameco with supplies as well as a few others. I am new to QMAC (https://www.qmac.club/)yet to throw a hammer in anger been a long while since doing any from of trade black smithing very basic but lots of panel beating same thing but different.

Take a look at QMAC's public FB (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1040000799413532/)page if you are on there not many photos of the 2 days but some table and individual shots.

Saturday saw close to 2000 through the doors late afternoon QMAC hosted a BBQ for members and vendors at Cooneana where the group meet 64 in all for dinner a good night.

It is just another form of cross over between metal & woodwork with diversions into acrylics and stabalising.

If another one is held here a bigger venue is required No1 priority as long as the support by vendors is there.

If you come down at all and wish to come out to view the groups site let me know Grahame, they do a Tuesday Night, a Saturday night forge as well as a Sunday forge see web or FB for details.

QMAC will be at H & F sale with a small demo happening.


20th Feb 2019, 04:07 PM
Think this might let you see what it was like Grahame believe me i saw more in this video than possible trying to get round there.