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Danbre Macase
6th Sep 2018, 01:02 PM
Hello. I was looking for some advice and info from people who actually know how to melt metals, hopefully you can help me. I am currently trying to melt some silver. I will be using an electric furnace and a small graphite crucible. I also want to add that this graphite crucible is the kind that looks like a thick glass.
How do you guys think I should go about this? Keep in mind I am a total newbie.
My first issue is the small graphite crucible. It's brand new so it still has graphite powder on the inside, gets my fingers dirty.
Should I clean this residue? If so how should I clean it?
I am also under the impression I should preheat the crucible before it's first use. Is it always supposed to be preheated before use or just the first time? Also any advice on how to preheat a graphite crucible is apreciated.
I also have borax powder. It is my understanding I should mix it with water. I would still thank some advice on how and when to use the borax powder.
Finally this is the ingot I will be pouring the silver into:
http://metalworkforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=375183&d=1536006808&thumb=1 (http://metalworkforums.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=375183&d=1536006808)
I think I am supposed to heat it before the pouring. Is this correct? Also any advice on this matter would also be apreciated.
Thank you.

Grahame Collins
29th Sep 2018, 02:14 PM
Hi Danbre,
Sorry about this .In case you wondered why no one answered is that that the post was auto-moderated and I did not notice it.
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1st Oct 2018, 03:23 PM
irst off "DO NOT MIX THE BORAX WITH WATER" it will explode in you face, wear eye protection the mould needs to be dry and oiled and heated to a point that it is too hot to handle.The Borax is added as a powder to the melt to prevent oxidization and to remove impurities Although I do this once or twice a week, I do not use a furnace I use a oxy/LPG torch and clay crucibles so I am not a expert using graphite with a furnace, just set the temperature at what ever the melting point is + a short soaking time for the type of Silver you are using, I assume you would add the Borax at the beginning.Post this in the jewellery section you may get a better answer