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21st Feb 2013, 02:59 PM
Hi people,

I just joined and piosted an intro which is off being moderated.... probably rightly so :roll:

Anyhow there are a few familiar faces on here.
For anyone interested I have a hammer in on in April, though it is looking like it will be a very busy weekend
Hi Guys,

My place is not huge and I am not the best maker there is but I would like to invite any contributing members of this forum to come along, for one day or two. Fire up the forge, turn on the forge and grinders, and share some knowledge techniques and ideas.

Let me know if your keen, I don't really want to limit numbers, but I guess it is fairly obvious I only have a few anvils and grinders, so everyone making a knife is an unrealistic expectation, but a lot of people could have a bit of a taster, or experiment with different techniques, or just stand around and talk, it will be what you make it!

Anyhow happy to let this evolve into whatever it ends up being, based on what those coming want to do and see. I am investigating the possibility of getting someone to run a sheath workshop one of the days but this is still to be confirmed.

Send me a PM for more info. here is a link to some pictures from the last one...
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and the one before that...

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