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  1. Holding rough stock
  2. multi bore slitting saw arbor problem
  3. Keeping Your Workshop Tidy
  4. No parallels try this
  5. Setting tool square to work
  6. Setting long or heavy work in the chuck
  7. Cutting aluminium? Cheap candle makes excellent stick lubricant
  8. Hall Tip - center height
  9. Centering Inaccurate 4 jaw chuck
  10. Coolant pump for the Lathe
  11. Morse taper grip in tailstock
  12. Home made rest preventer
  13. Fridge
  14. Another use for taper pins
  15. Beck's Tip
  16. Cheap Carbide Cutters
  17. Rack for mill hand tools
  18. Hole saw guide
  19. Cutting down threaded material.
  20. Offset Mill Jacks
  21. Shaft protection.
  22. Little gizmos with 20 per side taper
  23. Drill guide plates for drilling out sheared bolts and studs
  24. Quick and simple method of making back axle U bolts
  25. DIY extra length 16mm drill bit
  26. Re: stuck items on machine tools
  27. DIY gaskets with accurately positioned bolt holes
  28. 4 jaw - positioning your stock
  29. Good or bad idea for the chuck?
  30. How to get enthusiasm back?
  31. Colour coding stuff to find it quicker.
  32. Aldi LED BBQ light
  33. Aldi LED BBQ light
  34. Idea for used roller bearings.
  35. More accurately positioned small holes
  36. Setting the height of a slotting saw in the mill
  37. MT/Lathe Tooling Rack, Bandsaw Stop, Tool and Cutter attachment
  38. Garden edge
  39. Cut an internal keyway
  40. Shortening split pins
  41. 6mm, thin wall stainless tubing
  42. RH threads, LH threads
  43. Padsaw blade orientation
  44. A possible low cost alternative for hard to obtain sheetmetal rivets
  45. Cleaning up an edge on a piece heavy steel plate
  46. Overcoming backlash
  47. dent removal in brass
  48. Flywheel on horzontal Mill
  49. Handwheel micrometer dial
  50. Brass tip in Grubscrew !
  51. Trailer wiring
  52. Sharpening a Centre Punch
  53. 6X4 Bandsaw Speed Hand Wheel
  54. Cheap TCT slitting saw
  55. Bandsaw Guide Bolt !
  56. My easy solution to No More Clogged Spray Paint Rattle Cans
  57. Bearing removal from a blind hole !
  58. Metal cable cutting
  59. How to tightly hold a bundle of small steel rods
  60. Easy movement of heavy weights.
  61. Horizontal Bandsaw Flat Stock Tip
  62. Removing a stuck Drill chuck !
  63. Tapping guides
  64. Oxy-butane accesories to make life worth living
  65. Jeweling/circle polish tool, done very easy
  66. Removing epoxied in large diameter threaded rods from concrete
  67. Band saw cutting lenght tool
  68. One of the most handy tools in my workshop
  69. Homemade motor oil/cutting water
  70. Posting Pictures !
  71. Milling project
  72. Filing a round bar
  73. Aluminium pot modifications for induction cooktop
  74. Using a Dynabolt for an expanding tool
  75. Turning small extended diameters
  76. Making Saddle Joints on Pipe
  77. "Free" lighting for the shed
  78. Simple adjustable bending jig.