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  1. Wilesco D32 conversion from electric to gas fired
  2. Making a Silicone Soldering Brush
  3. READ ME before posting in here.
  4. Very easy to make: Bench grinder to belt sander
  5. Lubrication for open geared Metal Lathes
  6. Sieg C6, Grizzly G0516, Hare & Forbes AL-60 Metal Lathe Modifications
  7. Vertex VMB70 review
  8. Magnum Tig 200 P Ac/Dc welder
  9. CNC Hercus DTM 320
  10. CNC Galil MSA 12 80 servo motor driver
  11. Testing a KBPB DC motor drive
  12. Makita 4351 FCT jigsaw
  13. Precision Metal Pen Oiler
  14. Easy Button Die Storage Solution
  15. Lathe Lighting
  16. Homemade random orbital sander attachment
  17. Work Shop Talk - 3 in 1 shear brake roller mod
  18. Work Shop Talk - Tour of my Work Shop
  19. Tour of my Model & Toy Steam Engine Room
  20. Supaburner's for Model & Toy Steam Boilers Explained
  21. Making trash cabinet sorting tray using my diy bending tools
  22. Tips for removing the seam in metal.
  23. Rotary Broaching
  24. Mill Powerfeed Project
  25. Bearing Journals, Tig, Spray Welding - A video
  26. Simple Leadscrew Protection
  27. Adapter from Hafco AL336 toolpost to QA-140 quick change too post
  28. Making a V Block.
  29. Making a Dovetail cutter tool
  30. Modification of a reciprocating saw into a power scraper
  31. Myford lathe compound slide rework
  32. How to make a dog clutch
  33. Making a stainless hot shoe for flat track and speedway motorcycle racing.
  34. My YouTube Channel!
  35. U tube channel owners intending to post here in Members Videos
  36. Restoring a vise and making the stand for it
  37. Cutting bench / vise / clamp thingy
  38. Jones and Shipman 540 Surface grinder. Getting it going for the first time.
  39. Making roller support stand with tilting arms
  40. Magnetic Chuck Dissassembly and Repair
  41. How I make my Steel Ravens
  42. Very simple angle grinder cutting guide
  43. Lifting support with jack stands
  44. Grinding hex broaches with limited machine tools
  45. Stuart S50 Mill Steam Engine modifications to plinth
  46. Twin MSM Pevensey single cylinder horizontal mill engines
  47. Huxtable Hot Air Engine
  48. Gloves in a Bottle
  49. Chinese Hu SH-02 Vacuum Engine
  50. surface grinder
  51. Diy hydraulic puller / pusher
  52. Relocatable vise handle
  53. Putting some grip (stippling) on an aluminium drive pulley.
  54. Hit & Miss Engine M92
  55. Bought a cheap Chinese Digital Micrometer, here's a bit of a review -
  56. Converted Computer Fan + Steam Engine = Electricity
  57. Huxtable Hot Air Engine running Gold Battery/Stamper
  58. Making a rotary welding positioner
  59. First Test of a DIY Steam Turbine running off a 4" Copper MSM Boiler.
  60. Mini traction engine and baker fan
  61. Work Shop Talk - Cleaning Sanding Belts & Sanding Discs Easily
  62. Belting options for running Steam Engine Accessories
  63. Mars 6 inch lathe
  64. DIY Steam Trip Hammer powered by Jensen 20G Steam
  65. Home Made Steam Driven Trip Hammer doing some work flattening out 1.5mm and 3mm thick
  66. Jensen #5 Steam Engine is under load running a Baker Fan
  67. Making 20 ton hydraulic bench top press using inverted jack.
  68. pop rivet stitch distance , thumb rule ?
  69. I Turned a Brass Sheet Into a Golden T-55 (Soviet Main Battle Tank)
  70. Herless Lathe 5EK Manual
  71. Hercus ATM 260 Back Gear Question
  72. Anvil restoration. Dalsbruk number 2
  73. Repurposing broken garden water pump to portable disc sander
  74. Simple bench grinder modification
  75. How to use a BS0 dividing head when making spur gears
  76. Casting and machining a large scale Spider for the garden
  77. Slitting saw action, drilling holes and cutting metric threads
  78. Clip on making copper washers and HBM mods