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  1. source for 2mm aluminium wire
  2. Slitting coiled wire
  3. Jewellers saw blade choice
  4. Celtic Metalwork : Dublin Archaoelogy Museum
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  9. Titanium spectacles repair
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  11. sparkle welder
  12. Who doesn't want a 1 carrot ring for xmas
  13. Attaching a kiln-resistant kanthal wire to a gold or copper base
  14. A Brief History of RT/Pancake Dies (one-piece blanking dies)
  15. Help with melting silver
  16. Silver Solder Purchase
  17. Looking to make dapping in quantity easier
  18. Jewellers drill press
  19. Setting Up A Jewellery Workshop In A Secondary School
  20. From Hex Nuts to a Diamond Ring
  21. Stainless teaspoon necklace
  22. Quality of cheap titanium/tungsten wedding bands?
  23. An axe to grind
  24. Wax vs. Clay
  25. Titanium
  26. clock/watch making books available - Gazeely
  27. Identifying copper alloys
  28. Show and tell (by request)
  29. centifugal casting machine : how build ?
  30. Rolling Mill