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    Default TIG / Plasma Cutter Combo or separate units (<1000 dollar)

    I am looking for an affordable TIG welder and plasma cutter unit under 1000 dollar. I am also not sure if I should purchase a combo unit or two separate machines. I understand that usually separate machines have an advantage with more functionality and options but I do see the convenience of just one machine which does both.
    Any recommendations, experiences and advice?

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    You could follow my thread on my combo that has just died.... TIG / Plasma Cutter Combo or separate units (&lt;1000 dollar)

    The closest I can find to my current unit is about 2 1/2 times what I paid 3 years ago.

    The 3 downsides in my view;
    Changing the setup in order to change modes
    A failure means loss of everything
    Possibly a bigger unit, harder to move around.

    On the plus side, the combo *ought* to be cheaper... The basic high current function is identical across arc tig and plasma. It makes perfect sense to me to combine the functions.


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    I assume you're only looking for DC TIG?
    My preference is for separate machines for those 2 particular functions.
    I've got a 3in1 AC-DC TIG/MMA/Plasma machine. I've only used it a couple of times to cut as its a pain having to swap the TIG and plasma torches and also to swap between argon and compressed air as the unit uses the same gas system for both. I'm currently looking to buy a separate plasma.

    TIG/MMA swap is no issue - just plug the electrode holder in and away you go. Those 2 functions go well together (as do MIG/MMA on MIG machines).
    Just not TIG/Plasma in my experience.


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    I'd agree with the above - I have a combined TIG/MMA/Plasma unit which works just fine in all modes, but it's the changeover time which deters me from using it as often as I would otherwise.
    I would buy separate as you will use it more and hence get better value for money just on that basis

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