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    To add to what Grahame said, especially about the slivers going evrywhere, be very careful if/when brushing down your clothes, those little slivers hurt. DAMHIKT.
    To grow old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

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    The advice given here is just what makes this Forum great for any project you are doing.
    I am a Carpenter. I have a mate who is a Mechanic. He showed me how to weld about 40 years ago. He was very demonstrative with his critique of my welding results. Over the years my projects have gotten bigger and my welding has got better too, mainly because, even now, I will do a run and give it close scrutiny to make sure that the weld will do the job I have for it. From day to day the results fluctuate, due to tiredness, or as has already been said, comfortable position of job, electrode and welder. If you find you have gone off coarse and the actual bead is OK, I just go over the weld making sure I cover the joint well.

    In my case I may be hard on myself making sure the welds I do penetrate enough and that the finished job looks OK for some one else who may be watching over your shoulder.....practice, practice, practice
    Just do it!

    Kind regards Rod

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    Just one question: my helmet is an el-cheapo from Ebay. It reacts extremely quickly when it comes to darkening, but sometimes it didn't open up again afterwards. Maybe because I was outdoors and the sun came in at an angle. But that didn't inspire a lot of confidence. Is there any risk that it lets UV rays through while blocking visible light? I don't have any reason to think so, just wondering whether a $30 helmet can be trusted.

    END quote.

    One of the YouTube guys did some investigation on this. (AvE?)

    The uv is always cut by the 'fixed' layers of the lens assembly, regardless of mode or even flat batteries. The darkening part is only for visible light. So 'safe' if not comfortable.


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