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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray-s View Post
    AliExpress sent me this last week:
    Australia GST Tax Notice
    Hello,From 1 July 2018, Australian goods and services tax (GST) 10% will apply to each order valued at A$1,000 or less, and AliExpress is required by law to collect such GST and remit to Australian Taxation Office.
    For more information, please visit :
    Quote Originally Posted by BobL View Post
    I got the same notice but what's important for a buyer - especially those who need it for business tax purposes is what it says on an item's purchase invoice.
    The ebay invoices for an item say nothing about am Ausralian GST payment.
    Aliexpress has forgotten about me...I have'nt received anything from them about GST...but I thought I should have...maybe via snail mail

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    I bought something for my son from the US on ebay and the following is the breakdown of charges for the sale:

    ebay rip.jpg

    What had me scratching my head was how the import charges came to be $14.12 when the GST on item and shipping is only $8.15.
    After a bit of a look on the ebay discussion site, it turns out that if an item is shipped using the ebay global shipping program then Pitney-Bowes, the company who manage the GSP, get to tack a GST collection fee, $5.97 in this case, onto the import charge.

    In the past if you had to use the ebay global shipping program the shipping was more expensive because Pitney-Bowes/ebay tacked a fee onto the that, now they get to make money from being tax collectors as well as gouging for the shipping.

    In this instance there is no additional GST charge on the paypal invoice so I should probably be grateful that I didn't have to pay GST on the item, the shipping and the tax collection fee.

    I can deal with paying GST but having to pay a fee to have it collected and be left wondering if any of the money ever even comes back to Australia or just inflates some multinationals profit margin is just bollocks. Free trade my puckered freckle!!!


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