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Thread: Thin Material

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    Hi Nedshead - they look fine to me. Even on thin material, the 2.5mm rods are often easier to use as they don't whip around as much as the thin 1.6mm ones - so if they're working for you I wouldn't worry about going out and buying a pack of thinner ones. I definitely favour 6012's compared to 6013's due to the slag issues that Grahame refers to. My only other comment is that when you are working on the actual job the go is to put your tacks on the corners, which has 2 advantages - 1 is you have and uninterrupted length to weld along the joint and 2 is that it gives a good bead on the corners on which to start and finish your welds - which allows you to weld a bit hotter than you might otherwise get away with.

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    You are dead right Mick,

    The corner tacks as well as being excellent starts and stops add a bit of volume to the wall thickness.
    The net result is you are not likely to burn through as the extra material acts like a heat sink.
    As well edge to edge welds give a good visual effect.By the time Nedshead finishes his frame the stick beads will look like good Mig welds given the practice he will have had.


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