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    Default Restoration of a car ferry


    OK, it's not quite cars, but nearly. The Raymond Island car ferry, on the Gippsland Lakes, Vic., has been taken out of service after corrosion on its undersides was found.

    Apparently when it was built it was supported on top of 44 gal drums, and it is in those areas the bottom has rusted. If you look at the photo in this news article

    Rusty Raymond Island Ferry in Gippsland under review after $800k blowout - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    you can clearly see the circular outline of a drum rim. Now, the question: why just there and not other areas outside? Was it coated with something and the covered areas missed out? Who could be so silly? The truth is out there.

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    Probably find that it was painted on the drums, then moved and only a light coating put over where the drums were. Have seen similar on other items that were supported on drums. Could also be where a a layer of rust was on the rim of the drum, where it was in contact with the hull, transferring corrosion.
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    the other possibility is that the anti-corrosion coating was not properly cut back when the vessel was moved from one set of drums to another resulting in "cracks" in the final coating.

    the other bit I liked was the local mayor's comments

    "We've got a steel chain in salt water pulling a vessel across. Now surely in 20 odd years there's been some other innovation in ferries and this will give us an opportunity to look at all our options," he said.
    sounds like he's setting himself up for an overseas junket.
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