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Thread: Powtran VFDs

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    Looks like it is able to be configured.

    F7.41 Cooling fan control Fan running only when running 00 ☆ Fan always running 1Used to select the cooling fan mode, if you select 0, the fan will run when the inverter isrunning, but in the stop state of inverter, if the radiator temperature is above 40 degrees, the fanwill run, otherwise the fan will not run.If you select 1, when the fan will always running afterpower-on.

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    Looks like VC has covered it.
    I have been systematically placing the Powtrans inside protective cabinets although noise is not why I do this.

    Except for one of the Huanyangs I don't notice the noise but agree the SPL from multiple VFD fans can be irritating.

    Here is some hard data on SPLS
    The SPL measurements provided for each VFD is for 1m from the VFD at head height above the floor.
    Shed background (nothing running) was 45dBA

    The 1HP VFD on the shed ventilator does not have a fan so it was the same as shed background.

    The Huanyangs produced the following SPLs
    2HP on the WW lathe 55 dBA
    2HP inside a 10" pedestal grinder cabinet (includes a 100mm 250V fan), 54 dBA
    2HP on the grinding station (includes a 250V relay that hum a fair bit) 61 dBA.
    4HP on Belt Sander; 58 dBA,
    4HP on BandSaw 56 dBA
    4HP on DC, 59 dBA

    Test Bed 3HP 9130 52 dBA (not inside a cabinet)
    2HP PI160 and 0.5HP PI130 inside Hercus Mill cabinet includes a 92 mm 240V vent fan, 48dBA

    2HP SAJ VFD inside protective cabinet on DP, 47 dBA includes a 100mm 12V ball bearing fan

    When all VFDs are on and I'm standing at my main bench, 59 dBA
    The HYs tend to be noisier although maybe even less so because they are all bar one inside cabinets.

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