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    Greg, I just went back and reviewed the first couple of photos you posted to make sure they were as bad as I recalled and I have to say this was a fine example of machine restoration!
    The condition of some of the parts you started with was way beyond what most of us would have looked twice at so my hat is off to you.
    I just changed that belt again on the old VT so I'll keep it aside just in case.


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    Thanks Ray - honestly, without the support of encouragement and kind words of all the garage-bound photo-sentitive weirdos here (present company excluded) stuff like this would be a lot tougher. If you look back at the 18 pages of this thread you'll only find friendly words that invite giving it a go. I am most thankful for that. We're all here to learn from each other to to help each other along.

    Kind of cool really.

    I hope that, if anything, when someone looks at some utterly hopeless sh*thouse pile of cr*p old machine-tool (or toaster) they don't want to see scrapped, they take some encouragement from this that is can be done ...

    I am a way better machinist simply because of this project. 'nuff said.

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    I havenít followed this thread at all, but I just saw the pics of the machine in pieces in boxes. Super effort to get it working again.

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