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    The trigger lock button is a right nuisance for lefties such as myself. Right hand users need to reach around to it with the finger tip whereas a lefty pushes the button in every time with the base of the finger unless we can consciously and deliberately avoid it. I've been known to have a trigger locked drill in hand when the bit binds up. Not fun when it's a good sized drill. Let go, duck and pull the plug or risk broken bones. Similar problems exist with most power tools but we southpaw are a cunning type.

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    While I must agree that operator misuse is the largest reason behind angle grinder accidents, there are scenarios where mechanical failure can also create the scene for an accident.
    I have an old 9" Hitachi angle grinder, a beast of a thing that weighs about 10kgs, is about 2HP, and which will just about throw you off your feet on startup, if you aren't prepared for the initial torque reaction of the motor springing into life.

    It's been reconditioned at least twice, and despite not long ago having a new switch fitted - when I was grinding on Wednesday afternoon (in a difficult, "cutting off heavy lugs under a truck turntable" job), I was stunned to find that when I released the switch trigger, the grinder continued to run on, with the switch having failed, and jammed in the "on" position.

    It was disconcerting, to say the least - and downright dangerous if it had happened right when the disc had jammed, and I wanted a quick shutoff.
    I have a feeling this particular switch mechanism is prone to failure, and I'll be interested to find exactly what has gone wrong with the mechanism, when I dismantle it.

    I have the same level of attention to all angle grinders, as I do to coming across big snakes in the wild. I treat them with extreme respect, and know full well they will kill me, first chance they get.

    One of the things I find is, as I'm getting older, I've decided to never start on any serious angle grinding jobs, from mid-afternoon onwards.

    I find my attention level tends to drop from mid-afternoon onwards - and when faced with a need for serious angle grinder use, I find it's better to approach the job in the early morning when you're still fresh, and ready to give these dangerous beasts, the full attention to grip and job approach, that they demand.

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