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    Default Attaching a kiln-resistant kanthal wire to a gold or copper base

    Hi guys, I started to make porcelain jewellery. Now I have a task to attach beautifully a porcelain piece to copper or golden base. I have this way in mind:
    1. Object: Firing a porcelain piece with a loop of a kanthal wire inside;
    2. Base: Taking the copper or gold base;
    3. Junction: Melting a small piece of gold into a drop on the copper / gold base and dipping the loop of a kanthal wire in it; according to my plan it should cool down and stay like that.

    As soon as I am zero in this topic: tell me where I fail?
    edit: ok now I've read that copper is toxic?

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    Hi tts_happen

    Welcome to the Metalwork forums.
    The following was a cut and paste from Wikipedia

    In solid form and as finished objects, beryllium copper presents no known health hazard.[2] However, inhalation of dust, mist, or fume containing beryllium can cause the serious lung condition, chronic beryllium disease. That disease affects primarily the lungs, restricting the exchange of oxygen between the lungs and the bloodstream.

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) lists beryllium as a Group 1 Human Carcinogen. The National Toxicology Program (NTP) also lists beryllium as a carcinogen.

    As far a the rest of your enquiry is concerned I will leave that to be answered by our members in the jewellery subforum.


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    Hi_tss happen

    I think you may find it is a case of trial and error, using plain gold as a solder I do not think you will be successful the use of a flux + gold solder will be required to make a solid joint.
    To understand the soldering process have a look here (3 video's) , as said before I using some scrap and trying out the process and seeing what occurs will be the best

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