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    Default Auxilary changeover switches and so forth.

    While I am assembling my new larger generator I want to get a decent changeover switch installed in the meter box so I can have electricity in the more frequent blackouts we have these days.

    The generator is a mecc alte 230V 11.8 kva at power factor 1. Around 40 amp max output.

    Is 32 amp the biggest single phase plug/socket you can buy in Australia?

    I know I cannot use US 50 amp plugs as they are not approved. The generator can not be hard wired in as I need something large and transportable so I can power the welder and plasma cutter at higher amperages while on site.

    What about surface mount changeover switches. My searches can not seem to find anything of any size other then DIN mounted. Do you need two poles for the changeover switch?

    No I am not installing it myself, but it seems to be a bit of a crap shoot as to whether the electrician you get actually understands rural electricity requirements and left to their own devices would probably get a 15 amp plug installed to run multiple fridges, pumps and so on.
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    Hi RC,

    Be very careful here, there are very stringent regulations involved concerning the connection of generators and other detachable power sources to the electricity grid network.
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    Previous place I worked at had some 64A plug/ socket arrangements. Special order and hideously expensive - From memory, 1 socket was upwards of $1,500
    Pity you can't run a couple of 32A's in parallel


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    yes you need 2 poles as all connections to the grid need to disconnect before your generator can be connected.
    is this the type of switch you are after? price is a bit eye watering.
    For the plug could you use a 5pin 3 phase plug and only use 1 phase and neutral? 50 amp plugs aren't too expensive.
    If you don't need all 40 amps for your house you could fit a 32 amp breaker and just use a 32amp plug.

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    Plenty of better priced switches etc. about other than Clipsal/Schneider they are pricing themselves out of the market

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